Why is Yahoo the world´s most visited homepage? (By a Google fan)

At least this is what the Alexa Rank said in the area What´s Hot where they post the hottest pages every 5  minutes (Alexa Internet – What’s Hot). Personally, I am madly in love with Google and all the applications they have developed.

Have you ever used maps? I bet you have.

Have you ever used the wonder wheel to find interesting related searches?http://www.googlewonderwheel.com/google-wonder-wheel-step-by-step

Have you used FastFlip to read some magazine stuff? http://fastflip.googlelabs.com/ (According to Alexa, this is the hottest google´s url in the particular frame of 5 minutes I was checking (http://www.alexa.com/hoturls?q=google)

The citytours ?  I found it today http://citytours.googlelabs.com/

Im still wondering why was Yahoo rocking and Google was not even in the top 10 at that particular moment…


On the election of a new president for the OAS

Don´t think there are many arguments to refute the opinion presented in this note of the Washington Post.

Mr. Obama should press for change at the OAS



Sordid “Skins”…luv it

My first addiction to a tv show started in the 90´s with Saved by the Bell. I watched the show mon-fri in a spanish cable network, and its original (and updated) version in NBC on Sat…too much of it!… later I fell in love with the Creek but nowadays Im truly madly deeply in love with Skins. I may only like the two first seasons as they changed the cast for the 3rd one, but is a great plot!  Besides that, the opening tune is addictive. A curious data: The main character, Toni, is played by Nicholas Hoult, the kid in “About a boy” and the young lover of Colin Firth in “A Single Man”.