Why is Yahoo the world´s most visited homepage? (By a Google fan)

At least this is what the Alexa Rank said in the area What´s Hot where they post the hottest pages every 5  minutes (Alexa Internet – What’s Hot). Personally, I am madly in love with Google and all the applications they have developed.

Have you ever used maps? I bet you have.

Have you ever used the wonder wheel to find interesting related searches?http://www.googlewonderwheel.com/google-wonder-wheel-step-by-step

Have you used FastFlip to read some magazine stuff? http://fastflip.googlelabs.com/ (According to Alexa, this is the hottest google´s url in the particular frame of 5 minutes I was checking (http://www.alexa.com/hoturls?q=google)

The citytours ?  I found it today http://citytours.googlelabs.com/

Im still wondering why was Yahoo rocking and Google was not even in the top 10 at that particular moment…


Sordid “Skins”…luv it

My first addiction to a tv show started in the 90´s with Saved by the Bell. I watched the show mon-fri in a spanish cable network, and its original (and updated) version in NBC on Sat…too much of it!… later I fell in love with the Creek but nowadays Im truly madly deeply in love with Skins. I may only like the two first seasons as they changed the cast for the 3rd one, but is a great plot!  Besides that, the opening tune is addictive. A curious data: The main character, Toni, is played by Nicholas Hoult, the kid in “About a boy” and the young lover of Colin Firth in “A Single Man”.